100 Belated Birthday Wishes That Show How Much You Care (2023)

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    100 Belated Birthday Wishes That Show How Much You Care (1)Chloé NannestadUpdated February 23, 2023

      Missed an important birthday? No panic! These belated birthday wishes for friends, family and co-workers will make sure you are forgiven.

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      The best belated birthday wishes to smooth things over

      No one wants to forget a loved one's birthday, but we all fail at times. When you accidentally swap a month and date, mix up your best friend's birthday with your cat's, or just dive into the weirdness of life, it's time to send some heartfelt belated birthday wishes instead of the usual oneshappy birthday messages. The person whose birthday you missed will still be touched to know that you are thinking of them as long as these belated wishes hit the right note.

      From funny to cute, the belated birthday wishes on this list will work for friends, co-workers, and even family members. And hey, isn't giving your siblings something to hold on to is the greatest birthday gift of all?

      How do you wish someone a belated birthday?

      It might feel a bit awkward — after all, you're basically admitting, "I forgot!" — but sending belated happy birthday wishes doesn't have to be difficult. After establishedetiquette rules, consider adding a slightly longer note than usual just to let the person know that you're still thinking of them and appreciate your relationship. But don't overdo it and explain why you forgot; Focus on her, not you, unless you're making a little fun of yourself. Try to break the ice with ahappy birthday punorhappy birthday memes, and follow it with the perfectbirthday present.

      Your belated birthday wishes will also look more authentic if they come from the heart. Depending on your relationship, you may want to call in addition to sending a handwritten, mailed, or emailed message. And correct the situation as soon as you remember that you missed the big day. Better late than never... but don't wait too long!

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      Funny belated birthday wishes

      1. Happy late! It's the birthday that keeps giving!

      2. Here are three wishes on your birthday: 1) that I remember it next year, 2) that you forgive me for forgetting this year, and 3) that you have a birthday cake the size of your head. Happy Birthday!

      3. Every year you grow older, wiser and more forgiving. I'm sorry I missed your birthday!

      4. These birthday wishes aren't late — you're just old and confused. Happy birthday, on time!

      5. It's late but not fake! Happy birthday to my dearest friend.

      6. You always say you love surprises, so... surprise! I forgot it was your birthday yesterday.

      7. Happy belated birthday! You're always one step ahead of me (which doesn't make me late).

      8. I know you like to save the best for last, so let me be the last to wish you a happy birthday!

      9. Sorry it's late - I've been trying to figure out how you can be so old and still look so good!

      10. Happy belated birthday. I'm so sorry I forgot the date. Consider this permission to forget my birthday next year!

      (Video) A BIRTHDAY BLESSING MESSAGE: Happy Birthday message with Bible verses.

      11. You know I'm always late for everything and I didn't want to disappoint you on your birthday. Happy late!

      12. As the saying goes, if someone forgets your birthday, you're not getting any older this year!

      13. These birthday wishes may be late, but they've aged like fine wine: sweet, delicious, and as expensive as the gift that goes with them. Happy Birthday!

      14. Happy Birthday! Sorry - that's for next year. I like to get in early.

      15. As someone who has recently turned a year older, I know you understand that time doesn't answer anyone - and especially not me. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I missed it.

      16. Happy Belated Birthday! In ancient times, people sent things late as a sign of love. You're ancient, so I thought I'd honor that!

      17. Yes, I forgot your birthday. I'm sorry. But on the bright side, I don't remember your age either! Happy Birthday!

      18. I hope you are not discouraged that I am a little late.

      19. I know it's too late to wish you a happy birthday, so: Happy Today!

      20. Did you think I forgot your birthday? I would never do that - your dog ate the birthday card I sent you!

      21. I don't forget birthdays - I just prolong them. Happy birthday week!

      22. I hope your birthday was better than my excuse for missing it!

      23. Belated birthday wishes are just an excuse to eat more cake. You're welcome!

      24. Let me be the first to belatedly wish you a happy birthday.

      25. Your birthday came, your birthday went, and here's the wish I should have sent: Happy Birthday!

      If you want to write something else in your card besides these belated birthday wishes, afunny birthday quotecan only be the ticket.

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      Belated birthday wishes for friends

      26. Sorry these birthday wishes are late - I remembered your birthday but forgot the date!

      27. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! But at least a guilty friend means a really great gift.

      28. How do you know when you have reached adulthood? You find it in your heart to forgive. I'm sorry I missed your birthday!

      29. Here's what happens when you're friends with someone cool like me: You get your birthday wishes fashionably late.

      30. It's still your birthday week, right? Happy late birthday!

      31. Everyone can remember your birthday, but only a true friend will remember it even after the date has passed. Happy belated birthday, bestie!

      32. Even though these birthday wishes are a little late, the happiness I wish you is good on any date.

      33. Every day with you is special, so a late birthday wish doesn't matter, does it?

      34. Happy belated birthday to the most forgiving person I know!

      (Video) Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings Videos

      35. Everyone else sent you birthday wishes yesterday. Bet they don't think about you the way I do today! Happy belated birthday.

      36. Happy Birthday! I hope you were blessed with everything great on your special day. Sorry birthday wishes from me weren't on the list.

      37. You are my funniest friend, which means the party is still on and I'm not late for your birthday at all.

      38. I am guilty of forgetting your birthday. It's a crime not to celebrate someone as great as you!

      39. How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look older?

      40. You know I always say the right thing at the wrong time, and here I am again: happy birthday!

      41. I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I didn't forget that I forgot.

      42. The happiest of all birthdays to the warmest, funniest, adorable, smartest and most special friend. (Wasn't worth the wait?)

      43. Happy birthday from your slowest friend. Sorry I'm late (again).

      44. I didn't actually "forget" your birthday. I just didn't remember it in time. So sorry!

      45. Happy Birthday! May these be the least belated of all your late birthday wishes.

      46. ​​Thank god you're not friends with me because of my punctuality, but because I'm great at buying gifts. Happy Birthday!

      47. Happy birthday to someone truly memorable...other than your birthday. Forgiveness!

      48. Sorry for those belated birthday wishes. I like to celebrate you every day of the year!

      49. Like a really great dessert, the heartiest birthday wishes come to you last.

      50. Yes, this birthday card is late, but it could be worse — there could be a meteor on its way to Earth. Happy Birthday!

      Have you ever wonderedwhy we eat birthday cake? It's the perfect fact to slip in a friend's birthday card.

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      Belated birthday wishes for family

      51. Sorry these birthday wishes are late – being weighed down by love and good vibes made them a bit slow. Happy Birthday!

      52. A belated Happy Birthday! May every blessing find its way to your door - and hopefully faster than this card!

      53. It may not be your birthday anymore, but in my heart it's still your birthday.

      54. We've always made up after a fight, and I know we'll find a way to get away with me forgetting your birthday. Forgiveness. Happy late!

      55. Happy Late Birthday! See, good things come to those who wait.

      56. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, but I'm sure it was still wonderful - at least as spectacular as you!

      57. These birthday wishes may be late, but at least they include a great gift! Happy Birthday!

      58. I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. However, you have my permission to use this against me forever. You're welcome!

      59. Happy late birthday. I'm sorry I missed it, but I didn't mean to remind you that you're getting older.

      60. Dear papa, here is afather joketo apologise: I must have been in a fog when your birthday came because I'm fogging it up. Forgiveness!

      (Video) I Invited 100 Celebrities To My Birthday

      61. You forgot to remind me not to forget your birthday, but I forgive you. Happy Birthday!

      62. Dear Mom, I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I remembered Mother's Day. Forgiveness!

      63. You always give me great advice. Do you have any idea what to say when you forgot your beloved family member's birthday?

      64. Before I apologize for forgetting your birthday, consider something: They say your children are the greatest gift of all. I'm sorry I missed your birthday!

      65. I thought I'd give you some time to come to terms with your age before sending you these birthday wishes.

      66. As Gandalf would say, a birthday card is never late. It arrives exactly when it is supposed to be. Happy Birthday!

      67. Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry these wishes are so overdue. Happy Birthday!

      68. I hope your year is as wonderful as this news comes too late. It seems you're about to have a wonderful year!

      69. Happy birthday to my favorite sibling. You were always so understanding and kind and forgiving. I'm sorry it's so late!

      70. It's difficult to appreciate the happy times (like birthday wishes) without the sad times (like I forget your birthday). So in a way I did you a favor!

      71. Forgiving me for forgetting your birthday brings many rewards: the biggest cake, the most expensive wine, and a huge gift. Forgiveness!

      72. I may be a day late, but once you open the gift you'll see I'm not missing a dollar! I'm so sorry I missed your big day.

      73. I didn't really forget your birthday - I just wanted you to celebrate twice!

      74. This year for your birthday I got us matching calendars: one for me so I don't forget your birthday next year and one for you so you can remind me!

      75. Family means unconditional love. Please keep this in mind when you open my very late birthday card!

      If your mother never taught you to writethank you messages, we got you

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      Belated birthday wishes for co-workers

      76. Sorry for the delay - I had to reschedule your birthday wishes to the next business day.

      77. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry for the delay, but I didn't want to add another email to your inbox.

      78. Thank you for being more punctual than this birthday card!

      79. It's so hard to believe you're getting older... that's why I'm late wishing you a happy birthday.

      80. It's still your birthday somewhere. Happy late!

      81. I hope you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by people who have not forgotten it.

      82. I heard it was your birthday! Sorry I missed it - I hope it was spectacular.

      83. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was Excel ent.

      84. Let me be the last to wish you a happy birthday!

      85. You shouldn't burn the candle at both ends at work, but you can definitely burn the birthday candles before and after your birthday. Happy belated birthday!

      86. New research shows that late birthday cards actually carry 36% more goodwill than early ones. Happy Birthday!

      (Video) How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

      87. I know it's a crime to forget your birthday, but I'm hiring the best lawyer I know to defend me: you!

      88. I totally freaked out and forgot your birthday! Thank you for being my most down to earth colleague.

      89. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday - I was intimidated by how amazing you are.

      90. You work harder than anyone I know so I know you'll understand how I was too busy and forgot your birthday! Happy late!

      91. When you get my age you will realize how difficult it is to remember things. I'm sorry I missed your birthday!

      92. I know you've already celebrated your normal birthday, but this is to celebrate your work birthday! Happy belated birthday!

      93. They say time heals all wounds, which is good news for me – you've got plenty of time under your belt! Happy late birthday!

      94. I forgot your birthday. You know what that means: Break snacks are on me for a month!

      95. To make up for missing your birthday, I'm returning this pen you loaned me eight months ago. Belated Happy Birthday to my nicest colleague!

      96. Happy late birthday! Your birthday may be over, but the joy you bring to my work days will always remain.

      97. These aren't late birthday wishes — they're hundreds of days early!

      98. Sorry you missed your birthday. You got older, but I got more forgetful!

      99. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. On the plus side, belated birthday wishes mean belated birthday drinks too!

      100. Sorry for the late arrival of these birthday wishes - it took me so long to find the perfect gift for you.

      "Feel good" cards at work are almost as common as birthday cards. This thoughtfulget good newsensures you always know what to write.

      100 Belated Birthday Wishes That Show How Much You Care (7)via dealer (3)

      Great birthday gifts who don't mind being late

      Sometimes a belated birthday wish just isn't enough. If you want to make amends or just want to make her smile, we have the perfect things!

      • Milk Bar Birthday Treats:OK, so you missed her birthday. That doesn't mean you can't still celebrate with cakes (or cake truffles) from this foodie-loved brand. Once they taste this gift, forgiveness is guaranteed!
      • Date of Birth Co. Birthday Candle:This unique candle uses astrology, numerology and tarot to provide a detailed description of the birthday girl or girl and comes with a specially formulated custom scent. And hey, if you order this, maybe you can remember her big day next year.
      • Urban Stem The Unicorn Bouquet:Flowers can say "I'm sorry" and "Happy Birthday" at the same time. This delicate bouquet filled with roses, aster and alstroemeria will get the job done.
      • Cozy Earth Women's Bamboo Pajama Set:You can never have too many pajamas — especially when they're cult favorites that she never wants to take off. For guys, try thisultra soft bamboo hoodie.
      • Rifle Paper Co. cat bowl:Cat lovers will love this whimsical mug - and they'll think of you every time they use it. More of a dog person? We have plentyGifts for dog loversalso. Before you order, add a little belated birthday present for yourself!

      Originally published: December 07, 2022

      100 Belated Birthday Wishes That Show How Much You Care (8)

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      What do you write in a birthday card for a 100 year old? ›

      100th Birthday Wishes to Make Them Laugh
      1. “You're finally at the age where the fire marshal won't allow us to put real candles on your cake! ...
      2. “Happy Birthday, old man! ...
      3. “Some may say 100 years is old, but I think of it as vintage. ...
      4. “Dear Grandma, Today you are 100 years young. ...
      5. “Happy 100th Birthday, Gram!

      What is another way to say happy belated birthday? ›

      Belated Birthday wishes coming your way, full of love, cheer, and best wishes for an incredible year ahead! I hope your special day was as amazing as you are. May the coming year bring you endless happiness, success, and all the wonderful things life has to offer. You deserve the best, my friend!

      How do you respond to best wishes? ›

      15 Way to Say Thank You for Best Wishes
      1. Thank you for the best wishes and the beautiful emotions you expressed through the card/email. ...
      2. It was a great feeling that someone would always stand firmly by my side. ...
      3. The only stable thing in my life is your love and support.

      What do you say when someone turns 100 years old? ›

      Wishing you all the best on this special day. Here's to an incredible century of memories and experiences! You have done more than most people could ever dream, and are such an inspiration to your family and friends. I'm so grateful to have you in my life, and I cherish every moment I spend with you.

      How do you honor someone turning 100? ›

      For a centenarian birthday celebration, using pictures is a great way to show off everything they've done and enjoyed over the past 100 years. Ask friends and loved ones to share photos, too. Put pictures in frames and use them to decorate the room, or compile them into a slideshow to share during the party.

      How do you wish a 100 year celebration? ›

      Centenary Wishes
      1. Let the journey of building Trust & culture of Growth continues.... ...
      2. A poem for the Centenary Year. ...
      3. Congratulations for happy and successful 100 years. ...
      4. Tata Power on a Journey of Success. ...
      5. Congratulations on this momentous occasion. ...
      6. Proud to be a Tata Powerite.

      What do you say when you forget someone's birthday? ›

      Keep it simple. Forgetting a birthday is not a crime – it happens – and this circle of friends or family will be more understanding and won't need elaborate excuses. Something as simple as sorry I missed your birthday will do. The key here is that this is still a card for them and to them.

      What do you write in a belated birthday gift? ›

      Start your message with a simple 'Belated Happy Birthday Greetings – sorry it's late but… ' then choose from the perfect excuses below: Life is about forgiving and forgetting! I didn't exactly forget… I just wanted your special day to last a bit longer – honest!

      How do you celebrate a belated birthday? ›

      10 Ways to Throw a Belated Birthday Celebration
      1. Enjoy a picnic in the park. ...
      2. Set up a backyard movie theater. ...
      3. Host a progressive dinner or potluck. ...
      4. Go on a food truck crawl. ...
      5. Throw a lawn game extravaganza. ...
      6. Get active or explore somewhere new. ...
      7. Create a fantastic sundae bar. ...
      8. Book a private event at Painting with a Twist.
      Jul 17, 2020

      How do you say sorry for my belated answer? ›

      Please accept my apologies for the delay.

      It is a very formal way to say sorry. The information you have requested is attached below. Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. We are so sorry for the slow response.

      What can I say instead of belated? ›

      synonyms for belated
      • delayed.
      • long-delayed.
      • overdue.
      • tardy.
      • behind time.
      • behindhand.
      • remiss.
      • unpunctual.

      How do you use belated in a sentence? ›

      Belated Sentence Examples

      I sent a belated apology, but had no reply. A very belated Happy New Year to you all. His eyes clouded with belated concern and his voice lost its edge. You need to send belated congratulations to the list of awardees from last night's celebration.

      How late can you say happy belated birthday? ›

      If you realize one or two days later, you can certainly wish someone a belated happy birthday. If you have a really good reason for not wishing someone a happy birthday on time, you could probably send birthday wishes a couple of weeks later.

      How do you respond to thank you and best wishes? ›

      1. you're welcome. phrase. used in reply to someone who has thanked you.
      2. no problem. phrase. ...
      3. not at all. phrase. ...
      4. don't mention it. phrase. ...
      5. it's no bother. phrase. ...
      6. (it's) my pleasure. phrase. ...
      7. it's/that's all right. phrase. ...
      8. it's nothing/think nothing of it. phrase.

      How do you respond to birthday wishes in a group? ›

      Thank you so much for all the thoughtful words and amazing messages you have given me on my birthday. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends. You really made my day great. Happy day indeed!

      When a person turns 100? ›

      A centenarian is a person who has reached the age of 100 years.

      Is 100 a milestone birthday? ›

      Generally speaking, most are blessed to have reached this magical number. Turning 100 is the benchmark for an elite club of senior citizens. They usually receive extra attention from their family, friends, and even local media. Reaching your 100th birthday is like breaking a sports record that has stood for decades.

      What do you say to a 100 year old on her birthday? ›

      Here's to 100 years of memories and 100 years of life! You are very special, and surely, honor is due for all the great experiences life has given you. You've done more in a lifetime than others could dream of, and you are the most amazing 100-year-old most people have ever known or seen! Happy birthday!

      What is the color for 100th birthday? ›

      Although there are standard colors for every anniversary year up to the 25th, and colors for every five years to the 75th anniversary, there are few conventions for reaching the 100-year milestone. Although purple tends to be the most commonly used color, the choice is up to you.

      How do you honor a special person? ›

      Here are their ideas on how to honor a loved one:
      1. Keep something of theirs with you. ...
      2. Support a cause close to their heart, and yours. ...
      3. Make a tribute donation to a nonprofit. ...
      4. Create a living reminder. ...
      5. Dedicate an event to their memory. ...
      6. Start a new tradition. ...
      7. Share their stories and photos. ...
      8. Live your best life.
      Feb 3, 2018

      What do you write in a 100 day celebration card? ›

      Card Details

      Inside Message: Wishing you special happiness as you look forward to a lifetime of joy, discovery, and dreams come true. Welcome to the world! New baby greeting card celebrates of 100 days of happiness with their new little one.

      Is 100th birthday special? ›

      100th birthdays are rare and momentous occasions to celebrate lives well-lived! Only about one in 4,500 Americans are centenarians. That said, people living to 100+ are the fastest growing population group in the world today, estimated to grow eight-fold by 2050 (that could mean you!).

      How do you wish an end year celebration? ›

      New Year Wishes for Friends
      • We're so grateful that you could be here to celebrate the holidays with us and share in our good cheer! ...
      • May the closeness of your loved ones, family, and friends fill your heart with joy. ...
      • Wishing you nothing but health, wealth, and endless blessings in the New Year ahead.
      • Happy New Year!
      Dec 29, 2022

      What do you say to someone who remembered your birthday? ›

      Thanks so much for thinking of me and remembering my birthday. We should catch up soon. Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes today and your support and love each and every day of the year. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

      How do you say happy birthday to an old person? ›

      For friendly 70 years old birthday wishes
      1. “Happiness, health and prosperity”
      2. “Your youth is eternal”
      3. “Your heart is full of wisdom”
      4. “Refreshing just like in your twenties”
      5. “The achievement of a life full of happiness”
      6. “A wonderful 70th birthday for my love”

      Is it okay to celebrate someone's birthday late? ›

      It's never too late to celebrate!

      Having a special event to look forward to is guaranteed to give a real lift in mood – for you and everyone you've invited. Your guests are going to be excited for a post COVID-19 party, but timing is everything. There are a few important things to consider before setting the date…

      How to write birthday wishes? ›

      What to Write in a Birthday Card
      1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, [NAME]! ...
      2. Happy Birthday! ...
      3. On your birthday, I celebrate you and the special place you have in my heart. ...
      4. Wishing you a blessed year and a wonderful day!
      5. Enjoy this special day in celebration of a most wonderful you!

      How do you respond to a late message? ›

      "Apologies for the Late Reply; I've Been Busy With X

      My apologies for the late reply. I've been busy searching for your requested [documents, data, files, etc.] and your message got lost in the shuffle. At long last, everything is attached.

      How do you use belated response in a sentence? ›

      Analysts regard the move as a belated response to an upbeat trading statement last week. Is the amnesty a proper attempt to improve cycling or a politician's very belated response to a storm that has gathered huge public interest? That last outrage has elicited a belated response.

      What is the meaning of belated answer? ›

      adjective. Britannica Dictionary definition of BELATED. [more belated; most belated] : happening or coming very late or too late.

      How do you respond to a belated thank you? ›

      So sorry for not getting this in the mail sooner. Please know that your kindness was noticed and very much appreciated.” “Please accept this heartfelt but woefully tardy thank you for the anniversary party you organized last month.” “Please forgive me for this long overdue belated thank you note.

      Can you say belated thanks? ›

      What to Say In A Belated Thank-You Note. The tardiness of your note should be acknowledged up front, but not belabored. Here are two polite ways to address the delay without dwelling on it. "I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get this note in the mail to you, but please know my thanks are as sincere as ever."

      How do you say sorry for the late response without apologizing? ›

      Alternatives to sorry for the late response: be positive
      1. Thank you for your patience. ...
      2. Lunch on me for the delayed response! ...
      3. Huge props to you for always staying on top of emails! ...
      4. I've been working on x / I've been out of the office. ...
      5. I spent some time thinking about a response and… ...
      6. I'd hoped to respond sooner, but…
      Jun 15, 2022

      How do you say thank you meaningfully? ›

      Show Your Appreciation With 25 Other Ways To Say “Thank You”
      1. I'm so grateful. Thanks is an expression of gratitude, so cut to the chase. ...
      2. I appreciate it. ...
      3. Thanks for your hard work on this. ...
      4. I couldn't have done it without you. ...
      5. I owe you one. ...
      6. Much obliged. ...
      7. Thanks for having my back. ...
      8. Please accept my deepest gratitude.
      Dec 9, 2021

      How do you thank someone for a belated birthday gift? ›

      What To Write In A Birthday Thank You Card
      1. Thank you for thinking of me on my special day.
      2. I can't wait to use my new gift!
      3. I couldn't have picked out a better gift for myself if I tried.
      4. You knew exactly what I wanted.
      5. You know me so well, what a precious gift!
      6. Your thoughtfulness is a gift.
      7. You made my day!
      Jan 29, 2023


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