11 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Vet Care Near Me! - Money Pantry (2023)

When your pet becomes ill, you want to do whatever it takes to care for them and restore their health.

But veterinary care can be very expensive, and if you're unemployed, living on a low income, or just going through a difficult period financially, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to afford.

Sure, there are ways you canSave money on vet bills, but there are also many wonderful organizations and charities that offer cheap and even free veterinary medicineservices for dogs, cats and other pets.

It can be difficult to get completely free veterinary care for your pet, but there are a few organizations that offer financial assistance, including:

PAWS is an organization that helps people pay for vet bills.

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It also offers a variety of free veterinary services such as vaccinations and microchipping. PAWS offers this free veterinary care to low-income pet owners.

If you would like to get help from PAWs, visit the link below.

2. AVMF’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) offers a program called the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund.

It helps provide affordable, free veterinary care to veterinarians, low-income pet owners, disabled veterans, and victims of domestic violence.

You can find out more about the fund on their website.

The program is open to current clients of AVMA member veterinarians who are enrolled with the AVMF.

Ask your personal veterinarian if they are enrolled. If not, your veterinarian can contact AVMF for more information on participating in the program.

3.Prince Chunk Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Program

The Prince Chunk Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Program provides free emergency veterinary care to pet owners who are struggling financially.

The great thing about this program is that you can apply for it in advance. So even if your pet is healthy now, you can apply for funding for future emergency care should your pet need it.

Then, if an emergency arises, the program will pre-approve and archive your application, and your pet can be cared for as quickly as possible.


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Whether you live on a low income or are looking for free veterinary care for unemployed pet owners, you should definitely check out the Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Program

You can find out if you are eligible for the program by reading the Maximum Family Income Eligibility document. All required documents, telephone numbers and further information about the program can be found on the following page.

4. First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP)

FCNMHP is an organization that provides free, discounted, and low-cost veterinary services. It offers free services in certain areas such as: B. neuter/neuter. If you want to know what free vet services are available, visit the “Free, discounted and low cost veterinary services” (link below) page of FCNMHP website.

The organization also offers a wealth of low-cost veterinary services. Since 2009, the FCNMHP has treated more than 60,000 pets with state-of-the-art medical care at 40 percent less than the cost of most veterinary hospitals.

5. Local clinics in your area

Many local clinics offer free veterinary care. You can get treatment and medical care for your pet at these clinics.

These clinics generally offer free or low-cost neutering/neutering, but sometimes they offer other basic services as well.

If you're wonderinghow can i findFree vet clinics near me?“,then you should check out the following links.

You can search for clinics near you on the pages linked below:

How to find an affordable veterinary practice near me!

Unfortunately, there aren't that many organizations and veterinary clinics that offer completely free veterinary care, but there are many that offer inexpensive veterinary care.

This can be very helpful when you are financially strapped.

Here are some organizations and resources to check out.

6. Neuter USA

SpayUSA's goal is to provide affordable spay and neuter services to pet owners. It acts as a referral service connecting pet owners in need of financial assistance to over 1,500 low-cost clinics and sterilization programs.

More information about the program can be found atSpayUSA.org.

7. Shakespeare-Tierfonds

The Shakespeare Animal Fund provides financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford to pay for veterinary care.

It supports pet owners who are on a steady income or make less than $35,000 a year. The organization offers one-time grants.

You can learn more about eligibility requirements and how the organization can help you by visiting themShakespeareAnimalFund.org.

8. Visit a veterinary school or college in your area

Many veterinary schools offer the same services as veterinary clinics, but at a much lower cost.

All procedures and treatments performed by students are also supervised by a veterinarian.

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If you are looking to find an accredited veterinary college in your area then check them outList of Accredited Veterinary Schoolsvon der American Veterinary Medical Association.

9. Local animal protection groups and charities

Many local animal shelters, animal welfare organizations, and rescue groups offer inexpensive veterinary care. They usually provide routine grooming and services such as neutering/neutering.

If you're looking to find a charity, charity, or organization near you, stop bythis list from Petfinder.comorthis list from The Humane Society.

10. Compare prescription prices

Veterinary medicines can be expensive. And as far as I know, there aren't anyprescription discount cardsor programs, such as those for humans, for animal recipes. That means if you do a little research you might be able to find it for a lower price.

Take the time to compare the prices of medicines, e.g.

You may find prices to be cheaper or more expensive at your vet, but it's always good to do a littlecompare shopping.

Always use caution when purchasing medication for your pet. Only buy from reputable, well-rated sites. You don't want to endanger your pet's health.

There is a useful guide from the USFDA that offers advice and safety tips for buying veterinary medicine online. ListenHere.

11. Check out our list of organizations that help with vet bills

We recently published an in-depth post that more than lists20 Organizations That Help With Vet Bills.

Be sure to check it out for more resources.

How to Save Money on Vet Bills (Without Compromising Your Pet's Health)

If you're wonderinghow to save moneyFor information on vet bills, see our handy guide. It will help you mitigate the financial impact of being a pet owner.

1. Keep your pet at a healthy weight

If you want to cut down on vet bills, be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Many of the health problems affecting pets like cats and dogs are caused by being overweight or even obese.

Dogs, cats, and other pets that are on the heavier side are at higher risk for problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

So make sure you don't overfeed your pet and that they get plenty of exercise - this will not only save you money on vet bills but on food too!

Ask your vet for advice on how much your pet should be eating.

You can also find a lot of information online about how much you should feed certain pets.

Here are some great resources:

2. Take your pet to regular check-ups

While taking your pet for regular check-ups may seem expensive at first, it can actually save you money in the long run.

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Taking your pet for a physical exam allows the vet to catch problems early before they develop into a more complicated and expensive problem - essentially, you can save yourself a ton of medical bills simply by taking your pet for a physical.

Depending on their age and breed, dogs and cats need a check-up once or twice a year - ask your veterinarianhow often your pet needs a check-up.

3. Use the right supplements

The use of food supplements can really have a positive impact on the health of your four-legged friends.

Many of them can help boost your pet's immune system and improve their overall health. However, be careful not to get caught up in the marketing hype when choosing supplements - many supplements are unnecessary.

Instead, ask your veterinarian which ones your pet would actually benefit from.

Giving your pet supplements will keep them healthy and prevent future visits to the vet.

Here are some resources you can check out:

4. Look around for the best deal

Did you know that treatment and procedure fees can vary widely from vet to vet?


One veterinarian can charge significantly less for examinations than another.

Or you may find that one facility charges a lot more for an ultrasound than another.

So take the time to shop around for services and call to get a few quotes - doing this can often save you a lot of money on vet bills.

5. Consider veterinary colleges

Veterinary colleges are one of the best places to find cheap pet grooming services.

Veterinary colleges offer services such as health check-ups and vaccinations to students who want hands-on experience. Some also offer basic procedures.

And most of these services and procedures are overseen by an experienced veterinarian.

So if you're really struggling, then it's definitely worth contacting a local vet school.

Boxthis pageto find accredited veterinary colleges.

6. Pick up medication and treatments elsewhere

Some vets will keep treatments and medications they prescribe, which means you may end up paying more than you really need.

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So if your pet is prescribed a specific medication, don't automatically buy it from your veterinarian.

Instead, ask for a written prescription, and then ask other veterinary offices about the price of that drug - you may find that you can get the prescription cheaper elsewhere, or you may find that your vet actually offer the best price .

7. Stay up to date with vaccinations and treatments

Staying up to date with vaccinations and treatments can save you big bucks on vet bills in the long run.

Keeping up to date on your pet's treatments and vaccinations will prevent them from developing health conditions that are more expensive to treat.

For example, treating heartworm is much more expensive than simply preventing it.

So ask your veterinarian for advice on what vaccinations and treatments your pet needs.

8. Contact organizations that help with vet bills

There are many organizations out there like thatASPCAAndThe humane societywho want to ensure that affordable pet care is available to everyone. Therefore, these organizations often offer discounted services.

They often host events throughout the year where they offer vaccinations, sterilizations, and other treatments and services. So reach out to them and ask about discounted services and other resources in your area.

If you are really struggling because your pet needs treatment that you cannot afford, you should contact an animal welfare organization.

Take a lookthis pagefor animal welfare organizations.

9. Ask for a payment plan

Did you know that some vets give you the option to set up a payment plan instead of paying for treatments and procedures upfront?

If your pet needs a particularly expensive treatment or procedure, ask your vet if you can create a payment plan and pay it off slowly over time.

10. Consider pet insurance

Purchasing pet insurance can be a good financial option, especially when it comes to expensive or unexpected treatments and procedures.

It can save you thousands in vet bills.

So it's definitely worth considering. Just make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

To get a quick estimate of how much it will cost to insure your pet, useASPCA's pet insurance quote tool.

If you don't want to buy pet insurance, consider setting up a savings account for your pet - you can put money into the account each month. Then, if your pet ever needs an expensive procedure, the money is there.

The final result

Paying to care for your pet can be difficult when you are already struggling financially. Whether you are unemployed, living on a low income, or going through a tough financial streak, these free and/or low cost veterinary care services can be tremendously helpful.

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