Disney Dog Movies: Top 15 Dog Movies on Disney Plus - Dicy Trends (2023)

Disney Dog Movies: Top 15 Dog Movies on Disney Plus - Dicy Trends (1)

Disney dog ​​films not only warm the hearts of young viewers, but also of grown-ups. Disney is known for making adorable dog movies, and these are some of the best of the best that no entertainment company has produced.

The dogFilm genre is more like thata Disney thing. Disney nearly perfected the genre, practically pioneering it with masterpieces like Lady and the Tramp and Old Yeller, long before modern dog movies like A Dog's Purpose, Marley & Me, or The Secret Life of Pets.

It's no secret that kids and families of all ages love dog movies and Disney Dog Movies to be more precise. Dog lovers tend to take notice and have their own list of favorites, whether a dog is the main character, a supporting character, or just there for comedic relief. But which Disney movies about dogs are the best? Picking the best Disney dog ​​movies isn't always easy, but we think these are the top 20 must-sees for every dog ​​lover. In no particular order, here are some of the best Disney dog ​​movies you must see

1. Oliver & Company (1988):

Oliver & Cois a1988American musical animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released November 181988, from Walt Disney Pictures. Loosely based on Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, Oliver & Company stars a stray dog ​​in New York City named Dodger and a stray cat named Oliver.

Dodger is the leader of a stray street gang who cheat and steal to make ends meet, along with human criminal Fagin. After Oliver proves his worth in one of Dodger's shakedowns, Dodger reluctantly welcomes Oliver.

The gang plot to kidnap Oliver and hold him for ransom after a ploy goes awry and he is adopted by a wealthy family. Will he be able to return to his new cozy home and owner Jenny, or will he be doomed to a life of hardship? Keep your eyes peeled to find out!

Another one of my favorite Disney dog ​​movies, Oliver & Company, inspired the name of one of my childhood pets, a gray striped cat named Oliver.

2. Iron Will:

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It is a 1994 American adventure film. It is based on the true story of a 1917 dog sled race from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Saint Paul, Minnesota, a 522-mile route and part of the “Red River-St. Paul Sports Carnival Derby.”

This film is based on a true story about a young man named Will Stoneman who needs money to keep his family's farm running. He then decides to take part in a dangerous dog sled race between Winnipeg, Manitoba and St. Paul, Minnesota. While the film has high stakes and a likable underdog, it's its huskies that come out on top. They carry the character to the finish line. Also, as the novel progresses, her bond with her master, Will, grows stronger, adding to the story's appeal. And let's face it, the huskies are gorgeous.

3. White Fang:

White Fangis a 1991 American adventure drama film directed by Randal Kleiser and starring Ethan Hawke, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Seymour Cassel.

Based on the classic novel by Jack London, this film has a similar tone to Iron Will but excels at depicting a man's love for his dog even better. In it, a young lad named Jack (Ethan Hawke) travels to the Yukon during a gold rush and rescues a wolfhound named White Fang who has been mistreated by his master. Their journeys together are harrowing and their relationship unbreakable.

4. 101 Dalmatians:

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You can't talk about Disney Dog Movies without mentioning it101 Dalmatians. A dog can't give birth to 101 puppies, but that doesn't make the animated film 101 Dalmatians any less charming. Pongo and Perdita and their humans Roger and Anita meet and fall in love in a London park. what comes after love

It seems there are a lot of puppies - 15 to be exact. Cruella de Vil, Anita's former classmate, they attract attention because of their black and white mottled fur. She wants to acquire them all in order to build a fur coat from them. When Roger refuses her request, she decides to steal the puppies. Pongo and Perdita must scramble to find their children and rescue the remaining 84 puppies that de Vil kidnapped in the name of fashion.

5. Fox and the dog:

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Of the many dog ​​films Disney has made over the years, the animated films stand out the mostThe fox and the dogis no exception.

This lovable buddy film follows the unlikely marriage of a hunting dog named Copper and an orphaned fox named Tod.

As they grow older, Copper and Todd's odd friendship drives them to fight, culminating in a battle where they must choose between protecting each other or protecting themselves. This Disney Plus Dog Movie is one of my favorite childhood movies. Not only did it offer great animation for its time, particularly the bear fight scene, but the story of the "unlikely friendship" gave the characters a sympathetic and heartwarming trajectory.

6. Outsider:

outsideris a2007American superhero action comedy based on the 1960s animated series of the same name. In this Disney dog ​​movie, a beagle, Seashine, finds out he has superpowers after an accident in a mad scientist's lab. Seashine must save the day when he discovers the mad scientist plotting to destroy their city.

7. Screw:

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We can't talk about good Disney dog ​​movies without mentioning Bolt. Bolt is a dog who thinks he's a superhero since he's spent his entire life playing one on TV! Bolt is accidentally separated from his owner and co-star Penny and sent across the nation to New York City. Dog, who is the star of a popular TV show, doesn't know that the villain he's chasing is fake.

He discovers the truth about his superpowers on his way back to Penny, who he believes is in danger after filming a scenario where she is kidnapped.

Along the way, he meets some adorable buddies who help him find his way home, including a cat named Mittens and a hamster who keeps getting stuck in his ball. The movie Bolt is full of action and laughter. Don't miss this one.

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8. Old Screamer:

Old Yeller has cemented its place as one of the greatest dog movies of all time. Yes, we get that this movie is the poster child for "sad dog movies," but other than that, it's still a classic dog movie with plenty of adventure and heart.

In this golden old movie, a teenager is responsible for maintaining his family's farm and his younger brother, much to his horror, adopts a stray puppy. But over time, the whole family and the audience fall in love with Old Yeller. To be honest, it was the film's numerous wonderful and terrifying passages that made the finale so heartbreaking.


You can't miss these either. Frankenweenie tells the story of young Victor Frankenstein, a science nerd and outcast whose puppy Sparky dies. Victor brings Sparky back to life and all is well - until his classmates attempt the same research on other animals, with disastrous results. This is one of the Disney dog ​​movies that you shouldn't miss.

10. Lady and the Tramp:

Disney Dog Movies: Top 15 Dog Movies on Disney Plus - Dicy Trends (6)

Lady & the trampwas first published in 1955 and follows a cocker spaniel named Lady who begins a romance with a stray mutt named Tramp. The film includes the iconic spaghetti sharing scene and remains an iconic addition to dog cinema years after its release.

This dog movie, which was initially ridiculed by critics, has since grown into one of the most popular love stories of all time. It was also Disney's first dog film, released in 1955. The scene where Lady and the tramp accidentally kiss while eating spaghetti was named one of the 100 most iconic scenes in film history. The plot revolves around a protected, middle-class Cocker Spaniel who meets and falls in love with an inner-city mutt. It's a simple story, but it's still beautiful and the whole family will enjoy it.

11. Hunted:

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Jay, who is applying for a scholarship, has his speech taken away by the principal in this Disney Channel Original Movie. Jay's speech is then used by the principal's son to get the scholarship for himself.

But only to discover that the speech was really his, Jay decides to fight back and steals it back. However, he is followed home by the headmaster's wife's show dog, which is quite a handful. As the search for the missing puppy begins, Jay must decide how to put things back together.

12. Coco:

i love coco Yes I do. While it's a stretch to call Coco a "dog movie," it's impossible to deny that it's a fun movie starring an affectionate dog named Dante. Dante's job is primarily humorous relief. He is a happy, sociable pup who, like most dogs, has a strong desire for food and causes mischief by doing so.

In the afterlife, however, he serves as Miguel's "spirit guide" and undergoes a colorful makeover. Dante in particular is a memorable character in the film. We couldn't leave him out, could we?

13. On:

Disney Dog Movies: Top 15 Dog Movies on Disney Plus - Dicy Trends (7)

Up is a first class film. Dug the dog, on the other hand, has a major role in the film Up, which is both heartwarming and tear-jerking. Up follows Carl Fredricksen and Boy Scout Russell on a trip to Paradise Falls, for those who haven't seen it yet. Along the way, they meet Dug, a dog wearing a collar that allows him to communicate. Carl's inner self is reflected in Dug, a loveable but dimwitted golden retriever. While Fredricksen appears to be a grumpy old fellow on the outside, on the inside he's a kind and pleasant man, which Dug helps reveal. The villain Charles Muntz, on the other hand, appears to be a nice guy at first, but is actually an attack dog identical to his Rottweiler alpha.

14. The Shaggy Dog:

This comical film was filmed in 1959. Wilby, the main character, lands with a cursed ring that causes him to turn into a dog. Of course, at the worst times, Wilby turns into a dog! This funny pet movie is a must watch for all family members.

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15. Snow Dogs:

Disney Dog Movies: Top 15 Dog Movies on Disney Plus - Dicy Trends (8)

You're missing out if you haven't seen this picture from 2002. Ted Brooks is upset when he arrives in Alaska to claim his inheritance and discovers it includes a team of sled dogs. His dogs don't like him either. As they overcome difficulties, they become more and more intertwined. Watch this heartwarming film with the whole family.


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