Meet your 2023 Pacer group (2023)

Pacer Group

ThatTwenty six twoPacemakers will help you achieve your goals3M HalbmarathonAim and act as a rolling finish line all the way to the real finish line! They're here for you whether your goal is a personal record or just crossing the finish line. Our Pace Group Leaders are extremely experienced runners and are selected based on their past running and/or pacing performance. They know what it takes to keep a consistent pace and give their pace-ees a great racing experience.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (1)

Ted Davison

  • Tempo:6:51 min/mile

Ted Davison's running career began many years ago in Zimbabwe as part of his triathlon training. While attending college in England, Davison ran the London Marathon twice. He has now completed more than 20 marathons, one Ironman triathlon and over 20 ultra-distance races including the Western States 100, Leadville 100, Tahoe Rim Trail, The Bear, Bighorn and Tor Des Geants - 330 km in the Italian Alps. Since moving to Austin in 2001, Davison has run the Austin Marathon and 3M ½ Marathon many times and this will be his fifth year as a pacer.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (2)

Jason Lippmann

  • Tempo:6:51 min/mile

Running for over 25 years, from marathon distance to ultra running events. Completed over 30 marathons and ten 100-mile ultra-trail races. Have raced more than ridden in the last 10 years.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (3)

Leland Mangrum

  • Tempo:7:14 min/mile

I've run 15+ marathons and twice as many or more half marathons and I've given up counting.

My advice is to run for the wealth of health. As often as you can.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (4)

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher started running in 2011 to lose weight, but the addiction quickly caught on. The scenery and lack of cars are his biggest draws when running trails, but Matt keeps a healthy appetite for Austin's tarmac. Matt, who now trains with TrailRoots, has run a few 100km, won his first marathon in a trail race in Lake Georgetown and completed two 2:59 marathons, most recently in Boston. Now by doing 3M Pace for the 4th time he can give back to this encouraging running community and enjoy this downhill circuit!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (5)

Robyn Dodge

Robyn is an experienced 3M half marathon pacer. She has run 40 marathons, including finishing ten consecutive Boston Marathons, and has also run the Austin Marathon for the past 8 years. dr Robyn is an archaeologist specializing in ancient Mayan prehistory and also a certified fitness trainer. Robyn looks forward to picking up the pace in the 1:40 group and helping the runners reach their goals.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (6)

Joe Terracina

16 years ago, Joe ran his first 3M marathon. Since then he has run over 50 marathons, including qualifying and 11 Boston Marathons. He also ran a sub-3 hour marathon in 2014. He has been running the 3M Halftime for years and loves helping other runners achieve their goals in this race.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (7)

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jose reyes

  • Tempo:8:00minute/mile

Jose's affair with long-distance running began with the 2017 3M Half Marathon. Upon completion, he felt the need to attempt a full marathon, which he completed in Paris in 2018. He joined the Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club in the summer of 2018 and has since completed three more marathons. Jose is very proud and excited about pacing, especially in the 3M half where he has been pacing for several years.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (8)

Karim Elmrabet

  • Tempo:8:00minute/mile

I started running in 2003 with the goal of completing a single marathon. I was soon hooked because running helped me stay fit and relieve work stress. I have been running the 3M half marathons for many years and enjoy helping runners achieve their goals. Also, I look forward to doing the same at the Austin Marathon. I like to travel to different places to run marathons. I've run over 50 marathons, including all the majors.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (9)

Jennifer Goetz

Jennifer started running in 2004. She joined the Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club and has completed several marathons. She has been a pacesetter at the 3M Half Marathon for many years because she loves the race and enjoys encouraging other runners to achieve their goals. Running keeps her healthy while juggling work and family. When Jennifer isn't running, she can be seen hiking in Austin with her two boys and her husband.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (10)

Kelvin Lamm

  • Tempo:8:23 min/mile

I've been running for 10 years. I love helping new runners achieve their goals through pacing

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (11)

Laura Hitt

  • Tempo:8:46 min/mile

Laura has been running annual distance races in Austin for more than 20 years, having first run the 3M half marathon in 2003. Laura has completed 10 half marathons and 4 full marathons. When she's not walking, she's a mathematician-turned-fraud program manager and mother of two amazing tweens.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (12)

Kara Levy

Kara Levy has been a 3M pacemaker for several years and has run numerous other half marathons. A multiple Boston Marathon finisher, Kara has run more than 20 marathons in 11 states. Her half PR is 1:29 and her marathon PR is 3:20.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (13)

Paul Carmona

Paul has run for 3M and other half marathons since 2006. He has run more than 75 marathons, including 12 finishes in the Boston Marathon.

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Meet your 2023 Pacer group (14)

Frank Hayes

"I was talked into running my first marathon in college before I knew 'marathon training' was a thing. At the beginning of the race I was at the front of the pack, running 6 minute miles and feeling great, but in the end I could barely cross the finish line. 26.2 miles is real.
I started running again as an adult after the birth of my daughter and, like many, quickly found that running long distances in the Texas summer heat without support is difficult. At the Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club I found a great group of friends to run and train with, and the club gave me the opportunity to run half marathons in and around Austin.
It's such a privilege for me and I find it so rewarding to accelerate a group of runners. Whether it's sub-7-minute or 12-minute miles, a hilly course like Decker, or a downhill course like 3M, helping a group of runners achieve their race goals is a huge thrill for me.”

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (15)

Eliot Franklin

  • Tempo:9:09minute/mile

I've been running half and full marathons since 2009. 3M is one of my favorite races, a gene dose course with an atmosphere. and usually good weather. I look forward to running up and down with others, whether it's their first half marathon or their fiftieth.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (16)

Eva Oleksy

  • Tempo:9:32minute/mile

Eva has been running half marathons since 2012 and has run the 3M half over 7 years! She's run a few marathons but relishes the reward of running halftimes to help others meet their personal goals. forShe plays competitive Frisbee in her free time and enjoys being outside and running all year round.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (17)

endurance runner; Eric is a 12 marathon and countless half marathon veteran. His enthusiasm and diligence as a pacer is well known as he consistently manages and motivates his timing block, supporting them from start to finish... with a smile.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (18)

are ha

  • Tempo:9:54minute/mile

I live in Round Rock. I ran my first half marathon in 2016. I've been with Twenty-Six Two since 2019. I like running outside with my dog.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (19)

Claire McGuiness

  • Tempo:9:54minute/mile

I started running half marathons in 2005 and have run dozens of half marathons and a few full marathons since then. I have run many half marathons and love to share the joy of running with others.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (20)

Jessica Mangrum

Jessica has run the Austin marathon twice and completed over 25 half marathons! She has completed the Austin Distance Challenge multiple times - both full and half distance. Jessica enjoys walking around Lady Bird Lake and around town with her rescue dog, Ginny.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (21)

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Katie Carmona

Katie is a longtime 3M half marathon pacemaker who has completed 50+ half marathons and 25+ marathons including Boston, New York, Chicago, London and Berlin. Katie looks forward to completing her sixth Abbott major in Tokoyo in 2023. Katie's approach to pacing the 3M Half Marathon is to maintain a steady pace per mile, making adjustments as necessary as you climb hills. It's okay to slow down when running uphill, as you can do it with less effort if you're running down the other side of the hill. Don't forget to say hello and introduce yourself if you join Katie's Pace group!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (22)

Ted Kvapil

  • Tempo:10:40minute/mile

I started running about 13 years ago. I ran a full marathon and about 20 half marathons. 2023 will be my 11th 3M

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (23)

Franz Rodda

  • Tempo:10:40minute/mile

Fran started running more than twenty years ago. In 2014 she decided to take her running to the next level and ran her first half marathon. A week later, she signed up with the Twenty-Six Two running club to train for a full marathon. After her first marathon in 2015, Fran was hooked. She has run six marathons and numerous half marathons.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (24)

Monika Helgesen

I love running 3M! You can feel the Austin spirit as you race. Easy and fun downhill course.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (25)

Rocio Villalobos

I started running about 7-8 years ago and haven't stopped running since. Having grown up in Austin, some of my favorite races are races like the 3M half marathon. In recent years I have started running more trail and ultra races but I always love being a part of 3M Half. I'm one of the co-founders of Native Roots ATX, a running and wellness crew that cares for Native Americans and Indigenous people. Helping others connect to the local running community is what I'm all about!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (26)

Shannon Arriaga

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon and I've been an avid runner for a little over a decade and my knees feel GREAT! I've run numerous half marathons and have run 5 full marathons for recovery...yes...I AM THAT RUNNER. I will be going up and down the 2:30 finishers with Juanita and we will finish at 2:29, BE READY!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (27)

Juanita Bowling

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  • Tempo:11:26minute/mile

I'm Juanita Bowling and a mother of six beautiful boys!! I have always been athletic for many years. I've run 12 full marathons and countless half marathons. If I had to give a number for half marathons, I would say over 100. I've also competed in triathlons and ultramarathons. My desire and focus has always been to serve others and help others achieve their goals. I then shifted my focus from running to bodybuilding and competed in three competitions, eventually winning third overall. As life brings obstacles and challenges, I had to pause. I'm ready to get back into bodybuilding so I can be number one. I will keep running as overall it is wonderful physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your goals. So to the finish line. Happy trails!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (28)

Julie Gregory

  • Tempo:12:12 min/mile

Julie has been running in Austin since the early 2000's and has been part of the Twenty-six Two Marathon Club since the inception of the first timekeeping group in San Diego in 2005. Since then she has run many half marathons (3M is her favorite) and she has run 5 marathons (twice the Austin Marathon, the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon, the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco and the Dallas White Rock Marathon). She can be found hitting the streets and trails of Austin with her son, who is also a runner. She can't wait to help you reach your time goal!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (29)

Kassandra Medrano

Cassandra Medrano is a lifelong Austinite and a happy runner. Cassandra was the Official Pacer for the 2005, 2006, 2007 Austin Marathon and the Official Pacer for the 2005 Rock 'N Roll San Diego. Cassandra dedicates every mile she runs to helping a child with special needs and someone battling cancer. Cassandra was recently scheduled to speed up the 3M half marathon in 2022, but COVID didn't allow groups to run together. Cassandra is excited to compete in the 3M Half Marathon in 2023 and welcomes other runners to join in the fun.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (30)

Christina Barrí

  • Tempo:12:58minute/mile

I've been running long distance for about 12 years. A friend said, "Hey, do you want to run a half marathon?" That sounded like a good idea and I've been running ever since. I enjoy the challenge of training and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a race. running is life!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (31)

Alison Reis-Khanna

Alison Reis-Khanna has been a runner for 25 years! She has completed 8 marathons, 14 half marathons and numerous local races. Besides running, she enjoys Pilates classes and being outside as much as possible. She is an educational project manager at Resources for Learning. Alison lives in Round Rock, TX with her husband, daughter and dog. Your cooldown routine includes some foam rolling and a large cup of coffee.

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (32)

Ronda Smith

Ronda comes from a family of runners and has been running half marathons since 2018. She has 3 kids and a great husband who is totally supportive of her running!

Meet your 2023 Pacer group (33)

Eleanor Friedrich

I'm a science teacher, mother of twins and a longhorn, and I love to run! I grew up in Houston and didn't start running until 2004 when I graduated from graduate school. I've had a few injuries and setbacks, but I've always loved running! I love being outside, I love the quiet and I usually have my dog ​​with me (she's the best girl). I run this half with my college roommate Ronda!


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