The Americans adopted millions of dogs during the pandemic. What do we do with them now? (2023)


Since the country is in uncertainty through the Omicron variant, a nation of dog lovers came with the return to the "normal life" and the care of their pandemic puppies

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January 7, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. EST

The Americans adopted millions of dogs during the pandemic. What do we do with them now? (1)




(Video) Pet adoption: 23 million American households added a pet during the coronavirus pandemic

The Americans look at a moment of billing with their pandemic puppies - and the money they spend on them.

Apollo, a black Labrador in Silver City, N. M., complicated the moving budget of his owner with his insatiable appetite. In Los Angeles, Zuri, the surprise allergy by Chihuahua Mix, annoys her mother about unexpected medicines. In Sacramento, the parents of Cowboy are trying toParents of Labradoodle to train him from his anxiety with a cheeky separation.

Since the country has put the omicron variant of the Coronavirus in uncertainty, the millions of Americans, the pets have been welcomed in their houses since the first shutdowns in March 2020 and preparations for personal return to work and social activities.

More than 23 million American households - almost 1 out of 5 nationwide - have passed a pet during pandemic, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Agents of Cruelty (Aspa).Even President Biden adopted a new dog, Commander.


And many dog owners have spent the pandemic to spoil these dogs. If the market research company Euromonitor International, the Americans gave up 21.4 billion US dollars for non -medical pet products as well as another 28.4 billion US dollars for dog food.GIG-Economy platform, which focuses on boarding and a dog seat, reported sales of $ 157.1 million for the quarter ending on September 30th.

Now some puppy parents are faced with up to thousands of dollars of additional costs because they are preparing to personally return to life.

With lots of doggy day cares and boarding centers nationwide, waiting list and newly adopted pets, who often appeal to the socialization for boarding, pandemical pet owners to families, friends and companies to ensure that their dogs live their best life or to stopDo not spend the day alone. The report on veterinarians is made with appointment inquiries. Vet emergency shots warn of long waiting times.

In a pandemic, these puppies made all the difference

GIG-Economy Dog walking and boarding platforms WAG and Rover say that they have received waves of new customers than different parts of the country emerge from social distancing.Memberships have followed Red State/Blue State Lines, whereby the Republican states are rather faster. The latest customers at WAG are around 20 percent more active than the customers before the pandemic, said Smallwood of the Washington Post.

"If you had your pet in front of the pandemic, you had a routine, you knew what you were doing," said Smallwood. "If you have taken over your puppy during the pandemic, you can now build up this routine together and learn your dog inTo leave rest. "

Danielle Diaz, an employee of the district government in Silver City, N. M., adopted Apollo, a Black Labrador Retriever, as a birthday present in July 2020. He was 4 weeks old and was weaned too early.Water combed when she brought him home for the first time because he wasn't old enough to eat dry kibble.

Almost a year and a half later, Apollo is 100 pounds. He eats 12 cups of dog food per day, a $ 45 40 pound bag with dog food every three weeks.

(Video) 12.6 million households have welcomed new 'pandemic pets' into the home | GMA

The takeover of Apollo cost 80 US dollars, said Diaz, a simple investment for a loyal companion. Since then, you have probably spent thousands of dollars more for him.- He had several infections after eating deer and rabbit droppings in the courtyard - "pretty much my whole money, my entire salary check, goes to him," said Diaz.

The additional expenses have complicated plans to save with her boyfriend for a house when Diaz ended the graduate school in a few years.

"I have never sat down and made the math because I don't want to know how much it is," said Diaz.

Many dog owners indicate to spend the money saved during the pandemic - not for commuting, food or vacation - on their pets.

Fauci is my dog

Barkbox, the subscription delicacious and toy service, recorded membership by 39 percent compared to the same period a year ago, the company informed the post, and sales rose by 130 percent between April and September in 2020.

Siobhan McKenna, a high school teacher in the suburbs in Boston, found day care for her Australian Shepherd Smokey when she returned to personal work at the beginning of the 2020 school year.

Compared to other tags, she takes care of her own shop fronts, this is much cheaper, she said, but she and her boyfriend still felt that they had to cut things out of their budget.

They do not go out so much for appointments, both for caution during pandemic as well as to save money for smokey.Mckenna and her boyfriend cook more at home instead of gripping chipotle on a week or buying lunch.

McKenna said she hope that this year she should get a dog hiker for Smokey for Smokey on the days on which your puppy is not going to be responsible.To maintain mental stimulation and to facilitate the anxiety.

Others loosen their dogs back into day care and that can be expensive.


Amy Mercadante, the owner of loving pet care, a facility for boarding, care and day care in Fairfax City, Virginia, said some regular guests kept their monthly membership payments during pandemic, even though they did not bring their dogs to a confidanteRoutine return when your people return to work.

In Los Angeles, Janet Kim, the day care, oh hello dog day care.


"Are all veterinarian dates like that?"

Zuri the surprising bee allergy by the 1-year-old Chihuahua-Mix, Cheyenne Matthews-Hoffman, in the same week of the puppy adoption when she swallowed a bee in the back yard.

Using the eyes within moments and she passed out and required an excursion to the next emergency admission. Matthews-Hoffman handed her seven pound puppies to a veterinarian and then roared to buy delicacies and dog toys.

Zuri dipped two hours later with a healthy strut and a fraudulent tail.had to prepare your home for Zuris adoption.

(Video) Pet pandemic adoptions facing separation anxiety reality!

"After I paid this bill, I thought I had to find a vet who wasn't that expensive," she said. "And was it expensive because it was an emergency or all veterinarians like this? I have no research about itemployed how much Emergency tierarist dates cost. And then I had to research how I can get rid of bees in her garden."

The high costs for such a supply are not unusual for people who adopted pandes during the pandemic, said Rebecca Axelrad, who leads the healing paws of the non -profit Buddy, collect money to pay veterinary treatment of emergencies.

Dog owners can budget the costs for food and toys and routine costs in advance, but this is more difficult for medical emergency costs.

The voices we do when we pretend our dogs speak

The costs can leave pet owners in an unthinkable position: scrape the money together to maintain a suffering animal, or a creature that many people consider as part of the family.

"During the pandemic I turned to a lot of people and said they had a dog or cat during pandemic, but then they lost their jobs or their spouse lost their jobs," said Axelrad.

Since August 2020, Buddy's has paid more than 20,000 US dollars, said Axelrad and increased it through online donor campaigns and auctions.

For Matthews-Hoffman, this means saving more. "I kept the way of thinking so that I feel a little better, I always think you will surpass how much I save for you. Maybe I should save a little more", said Matthews-Hoffman about the budget for Zuri. "You literally never know what could happen. What is if it is allergic to something else?"

Change schedules and fear of separation

Cowboy The Labradoodle is a professional sleep. He snuggles into his toy while his human mother Caroline Cirrincione works from home from Sacramento. He sleeps in the car on the way and from his monthly care session. He presses between Cirrincione and her friendOn the bed when you go to sleep at night.

He also chews on her shoes.

"All my Christmas presents this year were shoes," said Cirrincione. "I had to do a big overhaul after eating a few couples."

As a Cirrincione, who works in the legal office in the legislation of the California state, an anxious cowboy has gotten more time outside the house for working in some destructive habits.

He learned how to open the closet door to get access to shoes. Cut in a bedroom, while Cirrincione tried to get used to being alone, he chewed a hole in the door.

"Everyone says he has the purest intentions, but he is this massive dog without borders and chews her shoes," said Cirrincione. "He knows when he did it and it is wrong and we'll take a look at me and he will see meView like "I'm so sorry that I did it."

Cirrincione and her friend experiment with sending Cowboy to the daycare center while daring out of the house after making their vaccine booster shots, they found one that fits their budget, but only a few days inThe week can send cowboy. In the meantime, they try more to take cowboy on vacation, eat or visit friends to reduce their chances of gnawing at their shoes.

Caitlin Mahoney, musician and office worker in New York, was based on family, neighbors and an imposed dog Walker for her 2-year-old Chihuahua-Cattle dogs Mix Annie.

Mahoney is fully vaccinated and has received a booster shot in front of Thanksgiving, starting to play shows in New York and think about the planning of tour dates - which would probably not be compatible with the schedule of a dog.

In the new year she moves to Los Angeles and bays the West Coast tour dates for her upcoming album. It is on the market for a new dog tube.

"It was a great pleasure," she said, "to learn how to share Annie."

Best friend and business inspiration

For Sekayi and Farai Fraser from North Potomac, MD. A growing neighborhood business.

(Video) Pet ownership rises by three million during COVID-19 pandemic

After a friend of the Sekayi (16) and Farai (14) offered a few dollars to take care of their dog for one night, the boys founded "Potomac dog buddies".

They calculate 35 US dollars a night to check in a dog in another house or bring a dog to spend the night with Brock. The dogs are mutually eliminated, said the mother of the boys, Mondi Kumbula -Fraser.Additional exercise means that Brock needs fewer meetings when it comes to day care.


Before the creation of the Omicron variant, Sekayi and Farai prepared for an increase in business at Christmas time. At the beginning they already had four reservations. Then their booking calendar - and plans to expand their business - by increasing the infection ratesAre vaccinated, but while Omicron is raging, it is difficult to take new customers. Kumbula fraser is suspicious of other dog owners who come to their house to hand over their puppies and sons in the houses of others.

The boys plan to sign new customers as soon as Coronavirus falls fall in their community. They recruited friends from school and in the neighborhood to market their services and to go to dogs. A cousin promised to advertise in her neighborhood.

There is a condition, said Sekayi: The dogs have to be compatible with Brock. "I don't want to take any customers who do not do with Priority Numero Uno."

(Video) What Happens to Pets in a Post-Pandemic World?


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